A project to be disseminated as a collection of Japan's top-level technologies

Now that globalization has progressed and we can now come into contact with a variety of information, there is a tendency to choose what we like and what is valuable according to our lifestyle and values. In such an age, the "experience" such as "communication" and "excitement" that can be gained by using the product, instead of just owning it, is emphasized. In this age of diversity, it is necessary to respond to changes in line with market needs. At J∞QUALITY FACTORY BRAND PROJECT, we will respond to such times and work on initiatives to support new challenges.

"Passion for quality“
"Pride in domestic production"
"Diligence in building the product with sincerity“

These are the unique characteristics of Japanese factories, born from the stories of the people involved in manufacturing, with a focus on those on the factory floor.

We believe that the "passion of the makers is reflected in the form of high quality products, and the feeling of elation one has when wearing them" can weave the past and present together, and lead to new kind of value that reminds us of our Japanese identity.

On the other hand, it is difficult to convey the stories and commitment of the people involved in manufacturing just by putting them on a product. Here at the J∞QUALITY FACTORY BRAND PROJECT, we aim to create a community where factories, manufacturers, and fans can work together to create and deliver value.

We also promote mechanisms by which factories themselves can inspire the industry and move to a position of independence.

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